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Astro File Manager Surpasses 50 Million Users, Launches Global Content Management & Aggregated Search

Metago, the leading provider of content management and aggregated search across mobile devices, cloud services, PC’s and Mac’s, today announced ASTRO has surpassed 50 million installations. ASTRO allows users to manage content regardless of where it lives. It is integrated with leading cloud storage platforms like Dropbox, Box, Facebook, SkyDrive and Google Drive with additional clouds coming soon. ASTRO also allows a user to find any file in virtually any location. Including the cloud services mentioned, users can also find content on their phone, tablet, PC, Mac or Linux machine. There is no other application in the world that gives you this type of search capability from your mobile device. “ASTRO has been downloaded over 50 million times in over 100 countries around the world,” says Kevin Payne, founder and chief executive officer at Metago. “If ASTRO were a country it would be the 25th most populous out of 196 countries. Moving forward we continue to add functionality in ASTRO that will make it easier for people to manage, use, and share their content with anyone in the world.” “ASTRO is no longer just a ‘file manager’, it is a one-stop app to manage and search distributed content,” says Kent Krueger, vice president at Metago. “Gone are the days people store their content in one location such as a phone, PC or a single cloud. We now keep our files and content distributed across all of these locations and we need access to them from anywhere at any time. ASTRO is changing the way people access and manage their distributed content from mobile devices.” To find out more information regarding Metago, or to download ASTRO File Manager, you can visit us online at or follow us at or

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