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Cloud Photos Service Everpix Exits Beta With New Website & iPad App

Everpix, a Kii Capital portfolio company, is a cloud-based photo-sharing platform and has now exited its beta period with a revamped website, premium services, support for photo-sharing via email, and a gorgeous iPad app. The company has also developed unique technology to identify what’s in your photos (a person, a nature scene, a photo of food, etc) and will soon allow users to search their photo collection in very specific ways. The website has a variety of new improvements ranging from new animations for photo galleries to the addition of new features like Photo Mail (ability to share photos from multiples sources and in large quantities). Everpix co-founder Pierre-Olivier Latour says that the one BIG ADVANTAGE to their system is that the photo uploading process to their cloud is “extremely fast” - even five times as fast as competitors in the photo-sharing space. The updated iOS app can be found in iTunes!

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