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Kii Capital at the inaugural startup weekend Kaoshiung in Southern Taiwan

Kii Capital supported the inaugural Startup Weekend Kaohsiung in Southern Taiwan, the country’s #2 city and the world’s #5 port, which is transforming itself into a tech hub. The event took place from June 30 - July 2. 100 participants (2/3 developers, 1/3 business) worked 50 hours long to kick off 14 different company ideas. Winner was everyone who participated and got their feet wet in entrepreneurial thinking! #1 jury award went to RelayMap, a mobile app to share rides, #2 to Tennistogether, a mobile app to find a tennis partner, and #3 to Superbike, a mobile gaming app to turn your bike into a motorbike. Honorable mentioning went to Trama, which, despite pivoting after initial market feedback, failed to validate its MVP and decided to “tell the tale of quick failure” at the final presentation instead of insisting on something which apparently had failed to get market traction. A valuable lesson learned!

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