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IPO on December, 2012


Enish is the leading developer of mobile social games distributed across multiple platforms. The company has a strong track record of developing hit titles with global appeal such as My Restaurant and GalShow on the GREE, DeNA, and mixi platforms on flash-feature phones, iOS and Android devices. Enish was founded in 2009, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and has over 80 employees. Masanaori Sugiyama, CEO of Enish, was previously the CEO of Zappallas, a provider of fortune telling services via mobile phones, and took the company public on the Tokyo stock exchange with revenue of $130M ($10B Yen). The company has over 3M subscribers of its games and over $60M earned in 2012. Strive Capital was the first institutional investor in Enish. In December 2012, the company went public (TSE: 3667).

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