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Strive Capital is a pioneer early-stage VC with quant & tech augmentation that helps consumer and SaaS players reach their next level


Founded in 2011, and with first investment in 2010, Strive Capital is an innovative venture capital firm that pioneered quantitative & technology augmentation for deal sourcing and due diligence of companies. Our first fund was focused solely on the mobile app economy, while our second vehicle focused more broadly on consumer software, horizontal and enterprise SaaS.


We are a unique global team with decades of experience that can provide deep domain expertise and resources to scale your company, from 0 to 1, 1 to 10 and 10 to 1,000. Resources include access to global and regional distribution, technology, localization, monetization, and talent in addition to a network of portfolio companies. We are committed to helping you truly accelerate your growth.


First and foremost, we look for entrepreneurs who already have achieved some traction from end-users and that have truly delighted them in the early stages of their product(s). As criteria for investment we look at user adoption, retention, engagement and sentiment. Other criteria include team, vision, business model and operational model. While our main office is in San Francisco/Silicon Valley, our team invests globally in companies from the United States all the way to the Far East.


We tend to be the first institutional equity investors in companies and help them from the earliest stages of business development through successful further funding and exit.

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